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"Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes." -- E. W. Dijkstra


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Projects And Papers

Was eine PV-Anlage bringt (2021/01)

OptiCut  (2012/01/21)
is a program for calculating optimal cutting parameters for the operation of milling. It can be executed under MS Windows and Linux.


Exped Vela I  (2009/06/11)
This is a test report of the Exped Vela I tent.

An Introduction to XML Processing with Visual Basic 2005 (8.0)  (2008/01/22)
This presentation covers the basics of reading, writing and changing XML documents, XSL(T) and XML Schema. Note: This is very basic stuff. Don't expect 'DataTable', 'DataSet' or such things.

Interface between SAP® R/3® and JSAP  (2007/07/31)
Implementation of an interface between SAP® R/3® and JSAP written in ABAP® and Java. JSAP is a software component within the FDZ Project. (Members Only).

Random Access Machine Simulator  (2007/01/06)
Very simple, easy to understand Random Access Machine simulator written in C (Version 0.2).

Seminar Papers with LaTeX  (2006/09/21)
How to write well formed seminar papers with LaTeX? This document will give an answer.

Using the Korn Shell  (2006/08/10)
This paper describes how to use the Korn Shell in the UNIX environment.

Exploit Mitigation Techniques  (2005/12/22)
A presentation of exploit mitigation techniques I gave at the University of Applied Sciences Hof.

Berlin Alexanderplatz: The Novel By Contrast With The Film  (2002/08/15)
Very old stuff but it may be useful for someone.

Some Tours

Unterer Inn: Ingling - Schärding und zurück (2021/06)

Schrankogel (3.496m) (2017/10)

Switzerland - Andermatt - Grimentz  (2010/10/24)


Sardinia - Cagliari - Olbia  (2010/03/27)


Munich - Venice  (2008/09/03)


Luibiskogel  (2004/10/17)
Luibiskogel is a mountain in the Alps. It is one of many I climbed. This is a report of my ascent in 2004.

Hochwilde (3.480m) (2001/08)

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